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All Nighter Vol. 4


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[Prelude: Can of Bliss, Atura, Circuit Hour and Nebita] Yo, dudes! This is the song, this is a song right here. I just made the best song. Okay, he- he- ready? One, two, three... four... go I am the man... I have the plan... I am in the can... With this man... And this guy's a stan... Oh no, Jesus fuck! What the fuck? Fuck you, Sean. This sucks Sean... Are... Are you br- Do you have a brain worm? Sean Lyman... Dude, what the fuck? Get your head in the game, dog! Jesus... You stupid bitch. I bet your teeth are soft If we were playing Murder, I would KOS Tango, because you're Tango and you SUCK! What the fuck is your problem, guys? I mean... that was just rude. We only have like five minutes to finish this whole thing, i mean, like... W-W-W-What do you think we should do? Alright, hold on, I got a beat... [Intro: Nebita, Circuit Hour and Can of Bliss] What's going on?! Circuit Hour, yolo swag And I'm Can of Bliss, but I don't have my own beat tag... Ahaha! [Verse 1: Can of Bliss] Soft teeth in my mouth, punch my face till they fall out Murder me in clue and tell everyone it’s blue Tango now Just in the kitchen but I can’t say it out loud Hunters in my area so I better not make a sound I’m not really tryna get on TTT But how much longer do you wanna play with me? Well I'mma get a DNA test and find out Yeah I'mma get a DNA test and find out Find out! Find out! Get a DNA test and find out! Get a DNA test and find out! Get a DNA test and find out! Get a DNA test and find out! Get a DNA test and find out! Get a DNA test and find out! [Chorus: Circuit Hour] I don't wanna go without you I don't wanna go without you I don't wanna go without you [Bridge: Nebita] I don't wanna go without you, want you 'round me all the time I can't even think without you, cause my brain's a fuckin' mine I've got no regrets except for when I'm wasting all my time Did I really fuck around and just rhyme the word "time" with "time"? I don't wanna go without you, want you 'round me all the time I can't even think without you, cause my brain's a fuckin' mine I've got no regrets except for when I'm wasting all my time Time, time, time. [Verse 2: Nebita] I don't give a fuck about what you gotta say (I don't wanna talk if you don't follow me on Twitter) Maybe might just fuck around and sleep all fucking day (I just came back from the show, shit was a heavy hitter) Broke all of my fucking screens but that's okay (Hundred forty hours on Super Smash, what about it?) Didn't need all of my money anyway (Shut down your computer, open your window and shout it) [Verse 3: Atura] Spamming me on discord till I join the group call I tried seltzer water once I can’t stand that shit at all Train hopping in Boston with my friends by my side, yeah Sunday on the pot with George his eyes are on the fly, yeah Wish this was everyday, never run out of shit to say Staying up till we hit the hay, hanging with the bro, Catorce Spill nachos on the ground, it’s not our problem now Just leave them to be found, head out at the speed of sound [Outro: Atura, Nebita, Can of Bliss] Wow, Gabe... That was so good Gabe, dude, what? You killed that shit! I didn't expect that shit at all! Well, wait, what about the parts that I did? Nah, fuck you, Sean. Your teeth are soft, you little bitch. Go fuck yourself Man, who even are you, Sean Lyman? If that is your real name... it sounds like "lie, man" Alright, you know what? Fuck it. That's it. Gun.
I used to be a loser back when i was in ninth grade Just an emo fucker always tryna get himself laid oh oh, oh oh I was dumb as fuck, and I was out of luck didn't really care about the fact that my attitude sucked oh oh, oh oh twenty twenty twenty four megabytes left on my plan boutta blow through it all on my fathers jams oh oh, oh oh I got Aerosmith, and Journey no Zeppelin after 10:30 oh oh, oh oh
i can't see your eyes wide open your emotions are unspoken i know your trying hard so let me fill your heart
(cashland) making my way downtown praying my whip won't let me down Drifting through these lights traffic's tight, but I'm feeling right, turn left now daydreaming that I got a Porsche (Portia) T-bone like tyrannosaurus rex orange, like a uv source red dwarf, but she kinda adorable (overspace) I know this Flo sounds like Drake picking Apples and Cheris I hope I won’t be late first date, grab a Daisy and a cake imma Slide in her dms like I fell in a lake sticking by her side, yeah, Elmer getting clingy I don’t wanna overwhelm her shelter, go home and turn on the tv watch ponyo or maybe Kiki [CHORUS] take me away, so far from this place been grinding all day, put a smile on my face let me escape, like a castaway (overspace) rain clouds settling in Puddles outside I ain’t letting them in grab my Poncho and I run outside watching all the Bubbles as they float to the Skye (cashland) one ticket, cut ties Horizons, new life hop in my Rover, gotta stay sober but when I'm with you girl you make me so high (cashland) the world ain't so Peaches and cream but sugar taste nice while I'm in my dreams I could've been tight but that ain't my scene but please lift me up for my self-esteem (overspace) and it’s getting pretty Wendy gotta stay inside lotta things to do I gotta set them aside but this place is way better than the one back home all I need is you and the friends on my phone [CHORUS] x2
staying up alone staring at my phone but it don’t vibrate like it used to tryna fall asleep but every night this week it’s migraines over you and the time that it takes two to become one waiting for that call because you know i’m bout to fall back in my memories pulling an all nighter as i’m laying right beside her cause i don’t wanna sleep again don’t let me keep on listening to frank don’t let me try to figure out how much i drank don’t pass that to me i’m already way too stoned if you give me one more hour i’ll be calling up her phone like
Running your hands through mine always coming home on time I don't know when I knew You were the only one only one ooh Comb my mind three times I’m trying to remember When I decided I could never live without ya Blink of an eye my time is gettin spent around ya All of a sudden I am in love again
Orno - Push 02:53
you gotta get up sometimes you gotta get up sometimes just let yourself shatter the limits of your mind if you just try you gotta get up sometimes when you are down you have to rise you gotta get up sometimes when you are down you have to rise
I’m writing this lullaby To soothe your tired eyes In your woollen cocoon Been worried you won’t arrive Never to see your smile Brightening up the room Wondering who you’ll be A lover of sand and sea Just like your mother does now Will you be more like me? Talented musically Singing your lungs out They say that humans are faulty No matter what you’ll be Perfect to us Now that the day is approaching I’m terrified but Excited because I can’t wait to say welcome To this brave new world This is your home As long as I’m with you You’ll never be alone When days get harder And worries grow larger Know I’ll be by your side So I’ll be waiting Sunshine or moon I’ll see you soon I’ll be proud of you For whatever you go through (x8) One day changes so much (x6)
im gonna take time tryna learn this slowly, im the same dumb kid still chilling on his old ways, still depending on everybodys high praise, still holding on my dog days, well, i don't wanna fuck this up again, im gonna get 2020 in my head and if you gave me time, give me 24 hours i'll show you something special we've had it all night from 3 to 3, back home, shut down, leave on the tv now risen up and take your time, ill show you properly you might throw it off, but i see through your debris I feel surrounded by your words i hope you'll get back to our soft story
sipping tea and drinking wine i'm not here to tell you you dont know we're out of time no time woaahhh i dont wanna be stuck in my head had enough of the thoughts woooahhh im waging a war with myself this battle needs to be fought


The fourth iteration of FORM's breakout 24-hour charity challenge is here! Featuring 37 (mostly) electronic tracks from the grassroots music scene, All Nighter 4 is our wildest album yet.

All proceeds raised from sales of the album will be donated to the CDP Global Recovery Fund.

Thirty-seven tracks. Fifty-eight artists. Twenty-four hours.


released February 26, 2020

// Find out more about the charity

// Album art by glasse

// Normalization by DossyX and Erin Stearns

// Musicians
ABISU: soundcloud.com/abisoos
Aeded: aededmusic.fanlink.to/artistpages
Aevi: twitter.com/aevitunes
alti: soundcloud.com/alti_music
Ashes: soundcloud.com/ashesaudio
Atura: twitter.com/aturamusic
Bendel: soundcloud.com/bendelofficial
bh: twitter.com/brycehawle
Can of Bliss: twitter.com/canofblissmusic
carter: soundcloud.com/im_carter
Cashland: soundcloud.com/cashhland
cat naps: soundcloud.com/cat_naps
Charlie: soundcloud.com/charliemakesmusic
chris medina: soundcloud.com/medina-sc
Circuit Hour: twitter.com/circuithour
dobi: twitter.com/dobimusic
dooks: soundcloud.com/dookslife
DossyX: soundcloud.com/dossyx
eliderp: soundcloud.com/default-cubing
faux ivvy: twitter.com/fauxivvy
Foxwood: soundcloud.com/foxwoodtunes
Galyax: soundcloud.com/galyax
Hallow: twitter.com/alias_hallow
i'd rather not: twitter.com/_idrathernot
Jodastt: soundcloud.com/itsmejodastt
kleyna: twitter.com/kleynaa
Knoir: soundcloud.com/knoir
lando: soundcloud.com/landosmusic
Lizdek: soundcloud.com/lizdek
luminism: twitter.com/luminism_txt
Mewnlight Rose: soundcloud.com/mewnlight-rose
Miyolophone: twitter.com/miyolophone
Mizu: soundcloud.com/officiallymizu
MYRID: soundcloud.com/myridmusic
Namorog: soundcloud.com/namorog
Nebita: twitter.com/nebita
nox: twitter.com/nokkusuu
Nvctve: soundcloud.com/nvctve
O-Prime Delta: soundcloud.com/oh-pryme_dehlda
okokko: soundcloud.com/okokko
Orno: twitter.com/OrnoMusic
Overspace: soundcloud.com/theoverspace
Phritz: soundcloud.com/phritzmusic
robbiegay: soundcloud.com/robbiegay
roguelike: soundcloud.com/iamroguelike
Roymond: ???
Skybreak: soundcloud.com/skybreakofficial
Skygate: soundcloud.com/skygates
Stardew: twitter.com/stardewish
Syrge: soundcloud.com/syrge
Takashi: twitter.com/takashisound
THREESIXTY: soundcloud.com/iamTHREESIXTY
torr: soundcloud.com/t0rr
Volant: twitter.com/VolantMusic
Wherefore: twitter.com/whereforetunes
yandrel: twitter.com/yandrelofc
ZEEMEE: soundcloud.com/zeemee
Zhook: soundcloud.com/zhookhouse

// Artists
adrian wrobel: twitter.com/adrianwrobel_
Amey Rakheja: twitter.com/AmeyRakheja
Avalon: twitter.com/avalonianarts
ByProxy: twitter.com/HappenedByProxy
DRAGONPROJECT: twitter.com/dragonprojectt
EMTA: twitter.com/emtaart
Fanagle: twitter.com/FearsomeFanagle
glasse: instagram.com/glassevisual
iConsumeOxygen: twitter.com/iConsumeOxygen
liminlumin: twitter.com/liminlumin
Mafti: twitter.com/MattmaticalOne
McLinskey: twitter.com/McLinskeyArt
Purity Star: twitter.com/PurityStar36
sci: twitter.com/sci4evr
Synnocent: twitter.com/synnocent_
Testarossa: twitter.com/mrtestarossa
Traza: twitter.com/OfficialTraza
unrizanable: twitter.com/_unrizanable
yonvolt: twitter.com/yonvolt
zulke: twitter.com/uncreativezulke

// Project organisation: afkcrow, Circuit Hour, DossyX, Emta, Erin Stearns, major, Nebita, Nesulosity & Vintroxx


all rights reserved




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