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All Nighter Vol. 2


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[Refrain: underscores] No I don’t have funds No I don’t have funds No I don’t have funds, mm [Verse 1: underscores] Outta franklins no Aretha, Benjamin Do not disturb when I’m in my element Got some nice shit but is that too relevant? Kids come to art school rocking all Vetements Shit I don’t speak French “Don’t spend too much,” that’s what everyone said Now I spent too much and I’m out of my head Can’t afford a day trip now I’ll never hit ten Guess I’ll be patient till January ends Then I’ll get a paycheck that’s fine but Stem’s gonna take a couple weeks till I really get it in Then I’ll blow through that before the next check sends What you want from me? Declined yet again, can you stall for me? No cash, no sleep, does it really look like I would have Saint Laurent on me? Shit [Verse 2: Robin] I just spent my rent on pieces again New CDG bag showing all of my friends Gotta pay off my debt but don’t really know when Guess I’ll keep buying clothes then (Shit what’s the amount) Shit what’s the amount (Lemme pull up my account) Lemme pull up my account Yeah I’m sick of wearing rags, I just wanna pop tags Guess I gotta go out, guess I gotta get the bag Cuz I gotta look good when I step out though Got a lot of people tryna text me on my cellphone Got no energy so I just chug a Four Loko Your girl hit me up like, “Come over, nobody’s home” I just dropped 260 on a fucking bear Got no money left like why would I fucking care? Gotta catch the bus home can’t even pay the fare Oh god, can somebody pay my fare? [Verse 3: knapsack] Hope I get put in another playlist (woah) Like soon before next month hits Man, I’m paying imaginary rent Bought some clothes, bought some shoes, buying drugs for my friends, ay They can get it, they can all get it Making money but I’m losing it quick 17 and like 10k in the mist And my pocket’s got a hole in it Alright, so I’m gonna be honest with you. I- I took this financial literacy course at my high school and, uh, I- I decided that for my New Year’s resolution I wanted to keep track of my receipts and spending and stuff. Uh, so I like, I created a system to organize it all, but then, I’ve still, I- I ended up spending, like, $700 this year [Verse 4: Circuit Hour] I’m running out of money and I think it’s kinda funny And I’m feeling kinda dummy cuz I wanted something yummy Something crunchy topped with honey, and I bought a bunch of sundry Then it stunned me I’m all out of money Bought a CS:GO skin, don’t know why I’m so engrossed in All these pixels with the most in (in, in) -teresting patterns Go ahead and take a gander and you’ll find I have no standards Just a bank account with an indefinite small amount [Refrain: underscores] No I don’t have funds No I don’t have funds No I don’t have funds I can’t pay for your lunch No I don’t have funds, ay No I don’t have funds No I can’t do much I got No I don’t have funds (funds) No I don’t have funds (no funds) No I don’t have funds (uh) I can’t pay for your lunch (can’t pay for, ooh) No I don’t have funds, ay (ooh) No I don’t have funds (shit, ooh, huh) No I can’t do much I got NO MONEY!!!
kuuno - away 02:54


On the evening of the 2nd of February 2019, the FORM community got together once again to create the next in line to the 'All Nighter' series. We couldn't be prouder to share what our artists have came back with. From harsh splittercore to soothing lofi beats to a rap about being broke, All Nighter Vol. 2 highlights the fresh talent of the URL scene.

All money raised through sales and streams of this album will be donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America - a cause supporting children and families on low incomes.

Everything you are about to hear has been entirely composed, produced, and mastered in the space of one day.

Thirty-one tracks. Thirty-eight artists. Twenty-four hours.


released February 1, 2019

Find out more about the charity: www.bgca.org

Album art by not Simon


UNDERSCORES: twitter.com/itsunderscores
CIRCUIT HOUR: twitter.com/circuithour
KNAPSACK: twitter.com/bringurknapsack
ROBIN: twitter.com/notactuallyrobin
OKOKKO: twitter.com/_okokko
GYROFIELD: twitter.com/gyrofield
KUUNO: twitter.com/kuunomusic
MOORE KISMET: twitter.com/MooreKismetBass
HOLLIMON: twitter.com/itsunderscores
NESULOSITY: twitter.com/nesulosity
I'D RATHER NOT: twitter.com/_idrathernot
SAKURABURST: twitter.com/sakura_burst
FORMER HERO: twitter.com/mikeformerhero
GLANCES: twitter.com/whoisglances
NOCOLLIDE + DIR/S: twitter.com/nocollide
AKEOS: twitter.com/akeos_
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EQUATOR: twitter.com/equatormedia
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BROCK WILSON: twitter.com/brockwbeats
NEBITA: twitter.com/nebita
MAKI: twitter.com/itsunderscores
THE SKY: twitter.com/startheskystar
PLUSOL: twitter.com/plusols
CAT NAPS: twitter.com/catnaps16
AT4G: twitter.com/realatagdubs
INKWILL: twitter.com/inkwillmusic
(NAME TBA): twitter.com/NAMETBA_
DOBI: twitter.com/dobimusic
SHWIN: twitter.com/ShwinMusic
HUDSON LEE: twitter.com/hudsonleemusic


VIKTOR KADIC: www.instagram.com/viktorkadicvisual/
DREAMS: twitter.com/dreamsvisuals
MAJOR: twitter.com/majorrrrr_
EMTA: twitter.com/emtaart
FANAGLE: twitter.com/fanagleforge
PARALLAX: twitter.com/Monarch_Black
NESULOSITY: twitter.com/nesulosity


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