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All Nighter Vol. 3


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Yeah! Oh, they thought the last one was too fucking quiet, huh? Bitch, I'm in my closet, where the fuck are you? No I don't fuck with you If you're not from nice crew Forget what you've been through Got neck in my rear view Yeah watch me just bool out Got your girl on my couch She love me there's no doubt So I gotta bounce She just hit my line so I'm not going back Cruising too fast 1 5 0 on the dash Got no money left got no cash for the tax Back the fuck up or get a mouth full of brass Say you can dress but you out in all black Yeah buddy you know that that fit's fucking trash Take a step back yeah you need to relax Now don't get on my nerves or I'm throwing some ass Snapback, smoking in the hatchback, lookin' like a Sad sack, maybe 'cause I’m getting no sleep Passed that, still be using trackpad, still be going Tap tap, wonder why you're doing so weak NASDAQ hit me on my cash app, let me fuckin' Have that, you know how I’m always so cheap Scratch that, you’re a fuckin' jackass, imma take a Cab back, I’m not gonna keep it lowkey Here I found A place to hide away from all the noise And sound Please just keep your volume down So we can talk This out Not to pretend I have no regrets But I can tell you what's best for us I need to give this up Not to pretend I have no regrets But I can tell you what's best for us I need to give this up Yeah, I've been here all fucking day Don't know what I'm trying to say I guess I'll get out of your way I've been chasing dreams and getting insects out my screen, yeah Talk about the ant, I'll break my monitor and scream, yeah 5 am and it's light outside, haven't really done anything tonight I just wanna talk on the phone with you later, is that alright? I just wanna Facetime you on my laptop I don't care what all the numbers say, I'm at the top I've got no regrets I've got no secrets Even when you Shoot me down and leave me nothing I can't find a way I can't find my wave Contemplating What to do, you keep me under I've got no regrets I've got no secrets Even when you Shoot me down and leave me nothing I can't find a way I can't find my wave Contemplating What to do, you keep me under NO REGRETS!!!
Tick, tick, tick away Spending all our times fighting Walk, walk, walk away Don’t know why we’re both hiding From each other We don’t know another I wish I didn’t know you 'Cause we ain't saying much anymore And we ain't going anywhere else so far 'Cause we ain't saying much anymore But the last thing that I want is you out the door 'Cause i know I’m gonna miss you And I’m really hoping that you'd miss me too 'Cause I know I’m gonna miss you And with everything that you and me would do I’m doing all that I can And you’re doing all the things that you could But nothing else is working And we’re drifting all apart as if we should Holding on with all my strength For something that wouldn’t last forever Losing my agility And one day you’ll slip out of my fingers 'Cause we ain't saying much anymore And we ain't going anywhere else so far 'Cause we ain't saying much anymore But the last thing that I want is you out the door 'Cause i know I’m gonna miss you And i’m really hoping that you'd miss me too 'Cause i know I’m gonna miss you And with everything that you and me would do Counting all the days Don’t know where you’ll go Hoping that it’s not too far from my home Waste our time away I just hope you know That this won’t last forever as far as I know
Who picked it for us two? To be caught in it so soon Highstrung on the fume Got no space left for you City lights shimmer in your face Is it too late to feel out of place? Stuck in the calamities of broken dreams Got no room for heartbreaks Don't leave me in this traffic I got no words but panic Who knew those city lights would scar? Don't leave me in this traffic I got no words but panic Who knew those city lights would scar?
We can't pretend There's nothing we can do To save ourselves From all we've put you through
All Nighter, volume three Savin’ the world, NRDC Step off, stand back Last time said fuck it, made a metal track Yeah I work three jobs, I ain’t got no time Catch me fundin’ most of form on my own damn dime Got a scooter to ride, ain’t got nothin to hide Hunnid MPG, yeah that shit so fine (A. N. V. 3.) Didn’t make form but I oversee (A. N. V. 3.) Bitch we a legal entity (yuh) Hey it's Vintroxx, you can call me FORM lawyer 'Cause I represent form like a big employer All Nighter 3, it's our biggest album yet Don't doubt FORMHAMPTON, it'll put you into debt We're making these events And it makes a lot of sense That they make a lot of cents Now it's time to get intense: So if you're still on the fence Then you ain't got no defence 'Cause we're starting to commence Making FORM get so immense (A. N. V. 3.) Go to FORM school, get a degree (A. N. V. 3.) Play FORMHAMPTON on your TV Got FORMHAMPTON on the fuckin' beat Got so big, made a legal entity Walk around, you dont mess with me Server growing big like we're Mother Tree (ay) Hunnid bands Hunnid bands Hunnid bands That all went to charity (yuh) Bobo stans Bobo stans Bobo stans That’s what they want to be (yuh) (A. N. V. 3.) EMTA in the back and we're doing the stream (A. N. V. 3.) Made cool friends now I'm part of the form team Once again FORMHAMPTON going dummy on the beat Better pull up Google Maps, 'cause I'm dummy in the streets (I'm so lost) Get this song on Uber Eats Cause we be cookin' up the heat You know we don’t work for money, do this shit for charity Third time round like were going for a hat trick In my fuckin' car Lamborgini fantastic (You drive a Honda) Spittin ice cold bars, minus 20 degrees (Really? Ugh) Running outta time, it's All Nighter V3 (A. N. V. 3.) (Y'all salty like the goddamn sea) (A. N. V. 3.) Got this verse on lock, lost the motherfuckin' key How many cups of coffee can I take (aye) Before my brain decides to go to sleep I gotta stay awake, gotta finish my track (Gotta clutch it till the end) Gonna make a sick song from the top of my head Might take a couple hours till I really get it in Just watch me Hours just to level a snare Just watch me You already finished yours, that ain't fair Just watch me (A. N. V. 3.) Never getting tired of this beat (A. N. V. 3.) Gonna bring the heat Gonna bring the heat All Nighter 1, 2, 3 Motherfucker we are on a spree And I said, 4, 5, 6 Roll up in my brand new kicks (yuh), 7, 8, 9 You just caught us amidst our prime time (Yeah!) Yeah I got a dog She's on your hat, she's on your phone And I think you might've heard of her Yeah she's everywhere stocks are going up I don't wanna hear about no Dow Jones (Buy FORM stocks!) Got my hands full Pink controller in one, ghost GF in the other I'm a sucker for affection But I hate to be a bother It's fine though We make it work (A. N. V. 3.) My rhymes be sweaty, just like my feetsies (A. N. V. 3.) Yeah I got bars, call that a Major disturbance
Sit right down on the floor Regret what you did some more With your head in the toilet bowl Vomit up your core The walls are moving Like there’s people in it And you try to feel good But you feel like shit Your friends are in their room Making out on their bed It made you wanna leave With nothing to be said You lay down on the couch CBD under your tongue You’re starting to feel better now Relax and have fun You think to yourself I will not do that again But we know it’s a lie In time you’ll give in Reality’s gonna quake And your heads gonna spin And you’ll think your mouth Is on your shin And you’ll think to yourself I think I’m gonna die But try not to think Just close your eyes Don't dissociate Just move your legs a bit Put your hand on your chest But you don’t feel shit Have you waste yourself? Have you waste yourself? Have you waste yourself? Have you? Have you? Have you?
Out of touch Awake in bed I feel alone Inside my head I just want to feel known I wish everyone could understand me I try to say what I mean but I just can’t explain my feelings I need someone who can sympathize with me Before I break down please just show that you get me I wish anyone could understand me I try to speak but it’s so hard to express things I need someone just to listen to me Please just talk to me and hear what I’m saying I’m losing touch with reality There’s some disconnect between the world and me I wish my mind could be free But right now all I ask is please don’t leave me
So caught up with words that I’m speechless Dragged through the dirt and it’s reached us My head exploded with your first kiss I’m losing my mind so you hear this If we stand, they can’t take us all I won’t let you get caught in the downfall Do you remember the first time we met? We were on that beach And you were so happy What happened with that girl? Is she gone forever? Waves still crash to shore The stars shine like they did before It's all here if you know what to look for


On the 9th of August 2019, the FORM community gathered once more to construct yet another 'All Nighter' album. Composed, produced and mastered entirely within 24 hours, All Nighter Vol. 3 is our largest album to date — a collection of 37 tracks by 57 artists, with genres spanning from acoustic to riddim dubstep.

All money raised through sales and streams of this album will be donated to the environmental charity Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

Thirty-seven tracks. Fifty-seven artists. Twenty-four hours.


released August 10, 2019

Learn more about the charity: www.nrdc.org

Album art by last night

Track-list/normalisation by afkcrow

///// MUSICIANS \\\\\
Acaer: soundcloud.com/acaer
acloudyskye: twitter.com/acloudyskye
adri: soundcloud.com/adridoesthings
Aethoro: soundcloud.com/aethoro
Brock Wilson: soundcloud.com/brockwilsonbeats
Can of Bliss: twitter.com/slymanmusic
chris medina: soundcloud.com/medina-sc
Circuit Hour: soundcloud.com/circuithour
Darby: soundcloud.com/darby_music
Dobi: soundcloud.com/dobimusic
DossyX: soundcloud.com/dossyx
Dylan Tallchief: www.youtube.com/c/dylantallchief
elozi: soundcloud.com/elozi
enesai: soundcloud.com/enesai
eliderp: soundcloud.com/default-cubing
Extrope: soundcloud.com/extrope
Fadent: soundcloud.com/fadent
Flood: twitter.com/floodmoosic
FORMHAMPTON: discord.com/invite/7k2atE5
Foxsky: soundcloud.com/foxsky
Galyax: soundcloud.com/galyax
Glances: soundcloud.com/glance-s
grape milk: soundcloud.com/elidrinksgrapemilk
Hallow: soundcloud.com/alias_hallow
inkwill: soundcloud.com/inkwill
Jenceno: soundcloud.com/jenceno
KaTT: soundcloud.com/kattimpala
Kazukii: soundcloud.com/ohthatkazuki
Kites: soundcloud.com/thesoundofkites
Kotori: twitter.com/imkotorimusic
knapsack: soundcloud.com/bringyourknapsack
Knoir: soundcloud.com/knoir
knyvez: spoti.fi/2MWIf4L
Nebita: soundcloud.com/nebita
neras: soundcloud.com/neras
Nesulosity: twitter.com/nesulosity
nox: twitter.com/nokkusuu
oneji: soundcloud.com/one_ji
oneohkay: soundcloud.com/oneohkay
OMNI: soundcloud.com/omniedm
ONGOD: soundcloud.com/ongodongod
Overspace: soundcloud.com/theoverspace
Paark: twitter.com/paarkdtc
Polyscream: soundcloud.com/polyscream
Punker: spoti.fi/2MYDG9Y
Robin: soundcloud.com/NotActuallyRobin
slashrr: twitter.com/slashrrzzz
slphr: soundcloud.com/slphrrr
Soba: twitter.com/lovesobasoba
Syrge: soundcloud.com/syrge
Tearhands: soundcloud.com/tearhands
To Oscar: soundcloud.com/itstooscar
uki: twitter.com/ukistuff
underscores: soundcloud.com/underscores
Water Spirit: soundcloud.com/waterspirit
Zideon: soundcloud.com/zideon230
7dB: soundcloud.com/7decibels

///// ARTISTS \\\\\
Avalon: www.twitter.com/avalonianarts
Choopie: www.twitter.com/PossiblyChoopie
EMTA: www.twitter.com/emtaart
Fanagle: www.twitter.com/FearsomeFanagle
Grey M: greymanz.tumblr.com
Halfprism: twitter.com/halfprysm
Lemon Keeper: twitter.com/lemonkeeperrr
Limin: www.instagram.com/liminlumin/
Major: twitter.com/majorbean_
Neon Meow: www.instagram.com/mat.n__neonmeow/
Nesulosity: twitter.com/nesulosity
Not Simon: instagram.com/art.last.night
NØSY: www.instagram.com/triprickhemp/
panda fight: www.instagram.com/lytrabean/
Paprika: twitter.com/nikapaprika
Parallax: twitter.com/Monarch_Black
Purity Star: twitter.com/Purity360
Riza: twitter.com/_unrizanable
Stu Ballinger: twitter.com/astronaughtyart
Verdict: twitter.com/verdictmusic
Victor Kadic: www.instagram.com/viktorkadicvisual/


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