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The newest in our series of charity compilations (with a twist), TELEPHONE is the musical equivalent of the similarly named children's game. Artists worked in teams of up to ten other artists in complete anonymity, with no communication between collaborators. Each had three hours to leave their mark on their group's track. The result? An extremely chaotic electronica record, fusing the styles of the best and brightest working in the EDM scene.

We sincerely hope you enjoy TELEPHONE.

All proceeds raised through sales and streams will be donated to The Trevor Project.


released April 20, 2020

Learn more about the charity: www.thetrevorproject.org/about/

Project direction by Vintroxx
Normalisation and tracklist: Nocollide
Organised by EMTA, DossyX, afkcrow, Nesulosity, Major, Nebita, Inkwill and Circuit Hour


213-DO-YOU-FEEL was:
1) scottus: soundcloud.com/sjp452
2) PUUDLE: instagram.com/puudle
3) xvna: soundcloud.com/xvna
4) Zhook: soundcloud.com/zhookhouse
5) R3V: soundcloud.com/itsr3v
6) linkr: twitter.com/_linkr
7) plusol: twitter.com/plusols
8) vensday: twitter.com/vensdaymusic
9) torr: soundcloud.com/t0rr

roar was:
1) eliderp: soundcloud.com/eliderp
2) Convexity: soundcloud.com/convexity
3) DossyX: soundcloud.com/dossyx
4) Yarnak: twitter.com/yarnak_
5) ZEEMEE: soundcloud.com/zeemee
6) Digital Reject: www.instagram.com/digitalreject.wav
7) shouyou: www.instagram.com/thomasmcquaidee
8) euphorian: soundcloud.com/iameuphorian
9) hollimon: twitter.com/hollimonmusic

suggest a name was:
1) Corde: soundcloud.com/cordedraconis
2) Yandrel: soundcloud.com/yandrel
3) Vanatice: soundcloud.com/vanaticenl
4) Keskuda: www.twitter.com/whogoedubz
5) DansDemand: twitter.com/DansDemand_
6) NAMAGASHI: soundcloud.com/namagashi
7) tenshi: soundcloud.com/tenshi_exe
8) Skybreak: soundcloud.com/skybreakofficial

1) nox: twitter.com/nokkusuu
2) lui5*: soundcloud.com/lui5star
3) Anthony Vauth: soundcloud.com/anthonyvauth
4) cat naps: twitter.com/catnaps16
5) elaborate: soundcloud.com/elaboratus
6) Mizu: soundcloud.com/officiallymizu
7) adri: soundcloud.com/adridoesthings
8) shirobeats: twitter.com/shirobeats_

walter was:
1) To Oscar: www.instagram.com/itstooscar
2) Aether Tides: twitter.com/aethertides
3) Scryble: scryblemusic.bandcamp.com
4) Majent: soundcloud.com/maj_ent
5) Tomiken: instagram.com/tomiken_
6) michael mercer: twitter.com/_michaelmercer_
7) alti: www.instagram.com/reeves_sometimes_alti

Formless was:
1) SILVER SKIES: www.soundcloud.com/silver-skies
2) ubi: soundcloud.com/ubimusic
3) Patch: soundcloud.com/impatch
4) shameless.: www.instagram.com/shameless.wav
5) steven is terrible: soundcloud.com/stevenisterrible
6) WA5D: twitter.com/wa5dmusic
7) THREESIXTY: soundcloud.com/iamTHREESIXTY
8) Cylriel: soundcloud.com/cylrielofficial
9) Alvaro Delgado: soundcloud.com/imalvarodelgado
10) Namorog: soundcloud.com/namorog
11) Syrge: soundcloud.com/syrge

love you back was:
1) Feathervane: twitter.com/feathervane
2) made by flavio: soundcloud.com/madebyflavio
3) Stardew: twitter.com/stardewish
4) kmoe: soundcloud.com/kmoethekid
5) Evoltan: soundcloud.com/evoltanmusic
6) ÄHAM: soundcloud.com/aham_music
7) Hallow: soundcloud.com/alias_hallow
8) Zideon: instagram.com/zideonofficial
9) Bendel: soundcloud.com/bendelofficial

pear gang was:
1) Knoir: soundcloud.com/knoir
2) phritz: soundcloud.com/phritzmusic
3) Foxwood: soundcloud.com/foxwoodtunes
4) Skylines: twitter.com/skylinessounds
5) Felimos: twitter.com/felimosmusic
6) Kotaro Ito: soundcloud.com/itoumusic
7) Cumulus: soundcloud.com/cumulusbeats
8) skygate: twitter.com/skygatebeats

Seven Impala was:
1) i'd rather not: soundcloud.com/id-rathernot
2) Circuit Hour: twitter.com/circuithour
3) Beakfeet: beakfeet.bandcamp.com
4) Stardreams: soundcloud.com/stardreaming
5) wydnr: twitter.com/wydnr_
6) Chalbért: soundcloud.com/chalbert-official
7) bh: twitter.com/brycehawle
8) Maemi No Yume: soundcloud.com/maemi_no_yume
9) ABISU: twitter.com/abisoos


Twin XL Mattress was:
1) mafti: twitter.com/Maftidoesstuff
2) Choopie: twitter.com/possiblychoopie
3) Avalon: twitter.com/avalonianarts
4) emta: twitter.com/emtaart

societal detriment was:
1) alesarte: www.behance.net/alejandcastill13
2) livdrawn: twitter.com/livdrawn
3) Mistrrr: twitter.com/mistrrrmusic
4) glasse: twitter.com/glassemusic

:bobosmile: was:
1) ByProxy: twitter.com/HappenedByProxy
2) DRAGONPROJECT: twitter.com/dragonprojectt
3) LemonKeeper: twitter.com/Lemonkeeperrr
4) DropTheBell: dropthebell.com

Solecism was:
1) Meagr: soundcloud.com/neverreallygoodenough
2) Zulke: twitter.com/uncreativezulke
3) sci: twitter.com/sci4evr


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