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from All Nighter Vol. 3 by FORM



All Nighter, volume three
Savin’ the world, NRDC
Step off, stand back
Last time said fuck it, made a metal track
Yeah I work three jobs, I ain’t got no time
Catch me fundin’ most of form on my own damn dime
Got a scooter to ride, ain’t got nothin to hide
Hunnid MPG, yeah that shit so fine

(A. N. V. 3.)
Didn’t make form but I oversee
(A. N. V. 3.)
Bitch we a legal entity (yuh)

Hey it's Vintroxx, you can call me FORM lawyer
'Cause I represent form like a big employer
All Nighter 3, it's our biggest album yet
Don't doubt FORMHAMPTON, it'll put you into debt
We're making these events
And it makes a lot of sense
That they make a lot of cents
Now it's time to get intense:
So if you're still on the fence
Then you ain't got no defence
'Cause we're starting to commence
Making FORM get so immense

(A. N. V. 3.)
Go to FORM school, get a degree
(A. N. V. 3.)

Got FORMHAMPTON on the fuckin' beat
Got so big, made a legal entity
Walk around, you dont mess with me
Server growing big like we're Mother Tree (ay)

Hunnid bands
Hunnid bands
Hunnid bands
That all went to charity (yuh)

Bobo stans
Bobo stans
Bobo stans
That’s what they want to be (yuh)

(A. N. V. 3.)
EMTA in the back and we're doing the stream
(A. N. V. 3.)
Made cool friends now I'm part of the form team

Once again FORMHAMPTON going dummy on the beat
Better pull up Google Maps, 'cause I'm dummy in the streets (I'm so lost)
Get this song on Uber Eats
Cause we be cookin' up the heat
You know we don’t work for money, do this shit for charity
Third time round like were going for a hat trick
In my fuckin' car Lamborgini fantastic (You drive a Honda)
Spittin ice cold bars, minus 20 degrees (Really? Ugh)
Running outta time, it's All Nighter V3

(A. N. V. 3.)
(Y'all salty like the goddamn sea)
(A. N. V. 3.)
Got this verse on lock, lost the motherfuckin' key

How many cups of coffee can I take (aye)
Before my brain decides to go to sleep
I gotta stay awake, gotta finish my track
(Gotta clutch it till the end)
Gonna make a sick song from the top of my head
Might take a couple hours till I really get it in
Just watch me
Hours just to level a snare
Just watch me
You already finished yours, that ain't fair
Just watch me

(A. N. V. 3.)
Never getting tired of this beat
(A. N. V. 3.)
Gonna bring the heat
Gonna bring the heat

All Nighter 1, 2, 3
Motherfucker we are on a spree
And I said, 4, 5, 6
Roll up in my brand new kicks (yuh), 7, 8, 9
You just caught us amidst our prime time

Yeah I got a dog
She's on your hat, she's on your phone
And I think you might've heard of her
Yeah she's everywhere stocks are going up
I don't wanna hear about no Dow Jones (Buy FORM stocks!)
Got my hands full
Pink controller in one, ghost GF in the other
I'm a sucker for affection
But I hate to be a bother
It's fine though
We make it work

(A. N. V. 3.)
My rhymes be sweaty, just like my feetsies
(A. N. V. 3.)
Yeah I got bars, call that a Major disturbance


from All Nighter Vol. 3, released August 10, 2019


all rights reserved




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