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euphorian - healing

from All Nighter Vol. 6 by FORM



You're not at home if you stay up at night just to know peace
So sleep deprived, I don't want scars: when will I let these wounds heal

I don't need to love you to tolerate you until I can escape you

Don't say you love me; every talk turns into war
I don't need you to succeed
Though I'm not perfect, I own up to my mistakes
You blame my trauma on myself

You can't tell you're in a storm when you're standing in its center
Don't fear the fight ahead; everything will get better in time

I'm done with the constant pain
I'm done with your stupid games
Trusting you was my worst mistake. (x2)

Pray for me, I'll take my leave
(When I'm around you I hate myself)
I'll take my speck of pride with me
(But I plan to outlive your torment)
This sucks to be reality but I won't mind when I can finally breathe
(And put all you stand for to shame)

Dreams of better days make me wish I could just walk away
I'm strong enough to wait for when I'll no longer be trapped to stay
One day I'll share stories of how you pushed me down when I'm safe and in a better place
But until then I'll be civil, and be numb to your wrath
Here's to my long life

I don't need you to be happy
I don't need consent to run free
I won't miss you when I leave
That's the last you'll see of me


from All Nighter Vol. 6, released February 9, 2021


all rights reserved




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