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pirate boyz - storm shanty (ft. scurvy dawg)

from All Nighter Vol. 6 by FORM



boyz in the back
we abaft
shit's gettin' wack
even with no attack
in sight
gonna take you overboard just outta spite
we ain't sailin' water yea the sea is full of
nice things jewelery
you will never fool me
we don't fuck with any pirate that's been in a movie
we steal all your shit what you gonna do sue me?
yeah the sea is tragic truly
i learned a lot of things at sea
if you wanna know shit ask me
u can join our little club
i can make you pirate grub
we cook on the stove like every saturday from 9-1

it’s that pirate life
it’s that cloudy sky
tears that make the tide go high
storms that make you feel alive
yeah they wanna mess with us
pull up with a blunderbuss
water’s getting dangerous
scurvy dawg and pirate boyz we fuck it up

Other crews get mortified
When our ship approach the tide the tide
Cuz the boys are bon afide
and there’s no down side
For the pirate guys
Yeah I do my pirate jive
One eye but im so alive alive
Fuckin court a pirate bride and I sliiiiide
oh yeah I slide
I do my pirate jive
I got my peg leg but im alright
im alright
im alright

yo ho ho im off that rum and coke
scurvy dawg aboard the pirate boat
with the pirate boys won’t sail these seas alone
no land ho for another 24
flying dutchman on top the pirate leaderboard
blunderbussin shot shot man down on starboard
treasure plundering we make a hundred million
doubloons doubloons doubloons and none of it is yours
scurvy dawg, he’s got the curvy sword
sailing to distant shores, these lands are unexplored
treasure team only after big rewards
ah big booty big waves yeah we ride the storm


from All Nighter Vol. 6, released February 9, 2021


all rights reserved




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